Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day 2016


Proclamation – Template (Bilingual) | Gabarit (bilingue) 2016
Request Letter to Head of Council – 2016

MMHAD2016-VancouverMen’s Mental Health Awareness Day aims to raise awareness of how signs and symptoms of mental health conditions may present themselves differently in men, and to normalize conversations about mental health issues to reduce the stigma that often prevents men from seeking help. Participants are encouraged to wear bright- or lime-green coloured articles of clothing on that day, and use the #MensMHday hashtag on social media, to show their support.

NEW FOR 2016 –  Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day has gained national prominence this year through inclusion in Health Canada’s official Calendar of Health Promotion Days. To date, the cities of Oshawa (Ontario) and Vancouver (British Columbia) have joined Ottawa (Ontario) with Mayoral Proclamations of Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day in their respective communities. A Twitter Chat on men’s mental health is scheduled for June 14, 2016 from 1 to 2 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT minus 5 hrs). Please use #MensMHchat when participating.

This awareness day is held annually on the Tuesday immediately preceding Fathers’ Day, during International Men’s Health Week. Check out the backstory on #MensMHday and how it came to light.

Following successful proclamations of Men’s Mental Health Awareness Days in Ottawa, Ontario (2014, 2015) and Edmonton, Alberta (2015), The Men’s D.E.N. is looking to expand its campaign again this year.

But we need your help. We are looking for mental health champions in communities across Canada with a particular interest in promoting Men’s mental health.

At a minimum, we are asking you to contact your local municipal Head of Council (Mayor, Reeve, etc.), requesting that your municipality proclaim June 14, 2016 as “Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day in [YOUR COMMUNITY]”. It’s as easy as downloading this Proclamation Request Letter to Head of Council, personalizing it as you see fit, sending it by e-mail to your Head of Council, and attaching to your e-mail the suggested Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day Proclamation – 2016 text.

You are of course encouraged to promote this initiative via social media, inviting your Friends, Followers and Contacts to do the same.

For promotional and tracking purposes, please use #MensMHday in your tweets/posts regarding Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day, or on men’s mental health in general.

Finally, if you are successful in getting this Proclamation through your local municipal council, you might want to consider marking this special day with an event. For example, in its inaugural year in Ottawa, we held a special presentation ceremony and media photo opportunity in the Mayor’s Office, followed later that day by an information session on male depression featuring an expert panel and a lived experience testimonial.

Please contact founder Jean-François Claude through this website if you wish to get involved or require more information. Thank you!


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