Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day 2015

#MensMHday 2015


Organizers and speakers at the 2015 Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day public lecture, from left-to-right: PJ Vankoughnett-Olson, Mike Reynolds, J-F. Claude, Jacques Legault and Bob Monette.

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To mark Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day in Ottawa, The Men’s D.E.N. presented a public lecture titled, It’s Not ALL in Your Head: Men, Depression and Suicide Prevention. The event, which attracted over 40 participants, took place on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at Ottawa City Hall.


Mr. Jacques Legault, C.Psych. JacquesLegault

Mr. Legault has been working for over 30 years in the field of male psychology where he began his career as an educator and wilderness guide with troubled boys. As a clinical psychologist, specialized in working with men and trauma, he has developed innovative community programs for men and their families, and gender sensitive therapy approaches that resonate with men. As a public speaker, clinical supervisor and accredited psychological trainer on mental health issues, he has sensitized many health and mental health professionals to men’s mental health issues.

Presentation Synopsis: In this multimedia presentation, Mr. Legault presented the developmental, social and relational factors at play in the multiple causes of depression in men that seem to evade the current chemical imbalance model of depression. These factors open the door to possible concrete actions men can take to overcome some of the challenges and risks of experiencing depression.


Also presenting were PJ Vankoughnett-Olson from Partners for Mental Health, who spoke to the Right By You youth mental health suicide prevention campaign, as well as Mike Reynolds of Puzzling Posts, who shared his story of living with depression.


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