Breaking from Twitter: Five Reasons Why This Mental Health Warrior Is Joining the SITH™ Order.

23 Jul

Seductive the Dark Side of depression can be. To its entreaties I have succumbed, joining the ranks of the Order of the Self-Imposed Twitter Hiatus (SITH™).

Here are the top five reasons why I have fallen in with the SITH Order:

  1. Online Advocacy is Energy-Sapping. Living with Persistent Depressive Disorder – and being prone to recurrent major depressive episodes – means I struggle with fatigue and low-energy levels. All. The. Time. Not to mention the occasional bout of insomnia. I’ve been so busy trying to help others, that I haven’t been helping myself. Time for me to put self-care ahead of self-sacrifice, and invest what little energy I have into getting better myself.
  2. Online Advocacy is Anxiety-Inducing. All too often I find myself getting all worked up over something someone tweeted or shared. I know I shouldn’t let Trolls and the world’s Ignoramus get to me, but I do. Most anxiety-inducing is when I’m called on to intervene when a Twitter user is in distress. I’m not trained nor equipped to help someone who may be suicidal. Frankly, it scares the bejeezus out of me. But not doing anything isn’t really an option, is it?
  3. I’m Not a ‘Bot, But I Feel Like One. I know many of you read and appreciate all the mental health articles I share. I know you do, because you tell me so. But I can’t help but feel that a trained circus monkey could do the same with its eyes closed. Google Alerts and a solid RSS feed reader are really all you need. Tell me there’s a ‘Bot out there that can capture these stories and tweet them out automatically, so I can free myself from the shackles of social media.
  4. The Slacktivist Syndrome. You’ll not find a trace of this disorder in the DSM-V. I’m self-diagnosed. I’ve been questioning the value of my labours in advocating for mental health through social media. Wouldn’t all the time, energy and effort spent be put to better use engaging people locally out in the ‘real’ world, rather than chasing down Favourites, Retweets and new Followers across the globe?
  5. A Once Raging Fire Reduced to Embers. The fire that burns within to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness has been reduced to embers. For now. I simply do not, at this time, have within me the fuel required to revive the flame.  Rest assured, the coals still burn hot and will undoubtedly be stoked again, but for right now… I’m sapped, and for just a short while, I simply need to crawl into the restorative refuge of my introverted self.

Until I rejoin the mêlée alongside you formidable Mental Health Warriors to once again scrap with stigma, I wish you good health and happiness.

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One response to “Breaking from Twitter: Five Reasons Why This Mental Health Warrior Is Joining the SITH™ Order.

  1. Jo Ann U

    July 23, 2015 at 22:47

    Bravo! Self care is not a luxury but a necessity.


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