Looking in the Mirror: A Man’s Reflection on Depression

20 Feb

(Originally published February 2013 on Dysthymic Dad’s Blog.)

I don’t play in the NBA, NFL or NHL.
I’m not a Rockstar or an Oscar-winning actor.
But you know who I am…

I was feeling tired all the time, exhausted, burned out.
Sleeping too little, or too much.
And some nights, not sleeping at all.
Little to no appetite, running on caffeine.
No rest, no fuel, no energy.

I buried myself in work, in books, in movies.
Anything and everything to escape a racing mind,
Full of worries, doubts and negative thoughts.
I couldn’t concentrate, or even make the smallest decisions.
Easily irritated, quick to anger, I snapped at my loved ones…
For no reason at all.

Some days, I even needed a drink or two.
Just enough to take the edge off, you know?

Now look in the mirror… Does any of this sound familiar to you?

This year alone, one in 15 men will be diagnosed with Depression.

And those are just the ones brave enough, and strong enough, to ask for help.

Another one or two guys will also suffer in silence…
Unaware of the signs, or too ashamed to admit
That the Black Dog of Depression has them by the throat.

Depression is not a sign of weakness.
Depression is a real illness, with real symptoms.

It takes courage and strength to get help.

Real men do get depressed…and do get better, by doing something about it.

You know who I am.

I’m your son, your father,
Your nephew, your uncle.
I’m your buddy, your brother,
Your colleague, your neighbour.

Now, look in the mirror…

I am you. 

If my story is your story, talk to your doctor today.
Get the help you need now… before it’s too late.

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